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For the sleep sector, TriNourish member platforms recommend core services to clients after assessment and foster integrated outreach into non clinical markets. Clients are educated through smart assessments. Sleep programs may serve as either a principle TriNourish hub for integrated services or integrate their services into local non clinical hubs that are increasingly established in fitness centers and nutrition programs in their area.  
The conventional health & wellness model is misguided because it seeks to motivate change by selling into existing biases and allowing participants to define their wellness priorities based on those biases. That strategy merely perpetuates those deeply ingrained, but misguided notions. A common bias is the notion that sleep is necessary for rest & recovery and that rest & recovery are expendable and can be deferred when productivity is on the line. That is patently false, not because rest & recovery should be forced, but because sleep is NOT rest & recovery. Sleep is an active orchestration of necessary processes that must occur, otherwise basic metabolic and mental dysfunctions will arise. Another widespread tacit assumption is that our own level of experienced sleepiness will directly indicate to us whether risks or dysfunctions have begun to manifest from poor sleep. That assumption is dangerously inaccurate.

In the domains of nutrition and exercise, the conventional view is that the nutrition-and-exercise duo consists of two ends of a single caloric energy budget for weight loss. By that common view, nutrition is to reduce calorie consumption and exercise is to increase calorie burning— each side addressed only to weight loss. That assumption, also, is radically inadequate. Nutrition is the flexible metabolic alterations that the body makes under specific conditions with specific nutrients. Those nutrient-use particulars are what DRIVE the weight-maintenance challenges that our culture faces, but they do so in ways that are not always intuitive. On the other side of the dipole, physical activity is not merely a weight loss tactic. It is a crucial output that many physiological processes anticipate, including basic metabolic and mental processes. Exercise is inefficient as strictly a weight loss tactic but it is highly efficient at supporting and maintaining the basic health of metabolic and cognitive processes. In the end, the false dichotomy between diet or exercise— each positioned as merely a weight loss choice— should be abandoned.
Clinical Sleep Programs

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Clinical Sleep Programs

For well over a decade now, sleep programs have been emphasizing data suggesting that the vast majority of individuals that are candidates for OSA have not yet been identified, screened, or put through a clinical process. In addition, those individuals are not aware of the issue or the relevance of OSA to them. Nonetheless, the fact that the clinical sleep sector is STILL citing the same high prevalence numbers is a clue that communication strategies and outreach has not yet extended beyond the strict confines of clinical sleep medicine. Moreover, by the time that candidates reach out to their physicians based on the presentation of sleep symptoms that they feel, the likelihood is that the disorder is more severe and/or that the candidate is less amenable to adjunct treatment modalities such as weight loss. The health and economic impacts from OSA alone are motivation enough for many sleep clinicians to continue the nearly exclusive focus on OSA by many quarters of the sleep medical community, particularly as home sleep apnea testing has shifted so many resources and opportunities to private commercial entities instead of specialty care providers. It is clear that there still appears to be a constant stream of OSA candidates to attend to.

However, we believe that this nearly exclusive focus on OSA is short sighted for a number of reasons. The first is that disorders such as Insomnia may be even more prevalent than previously thought. Even if the technical differential diagnostic criteria differ from the more common use of the term insomnia in a disciplined and necessary way, that widespread use of the term to describe nearly any sleep problem by the public should be harnessed by the professionals that understand the parameters the best. It presents an opportunity to discover what is really going on. And now, basic research continues to demonstrate the widespread pathophysiological links between not only OSA, but poor sleep and circadian rhythm shifts in general, with regard to cardiometabolic alterations that lead to obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Circadian rhythm shifts, in particular, reveal the limitations of staying within clinical walls. Circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders require significant shifts and impacts upon daytime functioning, therefore, relatively few diagnoses are made. At the same time, smaller shifts have been shown to fundamentally impact safety, productivity, performance, and weight management difficulties.

With the assistance of sleep specialists, registered dietitians, risk management professionals and exercise physiologists, TriNourish has developed the tandem Nourish Sleep & Nourish Portal platforms to foster greater exchange between the preventative lifestyle sector (fitness facilities, wellness programs, nutrition programs) and the clinical sleep sector, based on the crucial role that sleep plays for all aspects of our metabolic and mental wellbeing. Through TriNourish platforms, clinical sleep professionals may increasingly gain access to the large membership base of fitness facilities. Once integrated, TriNourish "nodes" (fitness, sleep & nutrition expertise) are in a stronger position to individually or collectively communicate their services to health and wellness providers and payers, as well as directly to the public. Our goal is to customize a specific TriNourish node for your area of services.

It is time to do more than simply provide free OSA screening with Tips & Tricks about Sleep Hygiene.

What's The User Process?

The tailoring process is accomplished through (1) assessments with education and messaging that do more than screen for OSA and provide sleep hygiene, (2) member platforms that emphasize good dietary and activity practices that reflect individual goals, and (3) responsible follow-up when warranted with integrated resources for all
Priority Step:
Informative assessments


Participants will enter a member passcode provided by the host entity. The Nourish Sleep assessment gateway to the educational and optimization material ensures that even casual visitors get screened in the first few minutes of the process. Screening for common sleep disorders is a priority step for sleep optimization. Following a rapid obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) screen, two other conditional screeners are presented to assess for other sleep disorder indicators and poor beliefs and behaviors associated with sleep. Questions will arise based on previous answers to provide a tailored and informative session. When warranted, a clinical pathway is suggested through the conditional assessment process with informative resources presented immediately. Unlike free clinical screeners online, the Nourish Sleep client assessment process also evaluates beliefs and behaviors that do not rise to the level of clinical disorders, but radically impact weight management, performance and safety initiatives. Each session provides a baseline grade for users to improve by following up with a credentialed specialist or following the guidance that is presented in the assessment session. TriNourish does not treat sleep disorders directly. We establish local connections so that your professional sleep expertise is available to credentialed nutrition and fitness experts. For individuals that are not suspected of sleep disorders, an entire library of integrated sleep and circadian rhythm optimization resources reside on the Nourish Sleep member platform. This is particularly valuable for those interested in the links between sleep, circadian rhythm and performance. An additional informative platform is available on the Nourish Portal platform to contextualize the need for individual nutrition and exercise programming,

Nourish Portal learning resources emphasize the complex situational nature of nutritional guidance. Proactive individuals retain access to that set of self-guided learning resources, but the platform intentionally does not advocate a single dietary plan or communication strategy to clients because an evidence-based approach suggests the need for highly tailored nutrition planning, education and coaching. Our role is to foster a greater appreciation for the situation-specific nature of nutrition, on the part of both nutrition providers and their clients. We also recruit appropriately credentialed nutrition expertise and responsible fitness sources so that a complete TriNourish "node" is available to your clients.


The TriNourish Learning platform at nourishportal.com hosts the Diet & Exercise Characterization, which is a qualitative assessment of patterns, beliefs and behaviors associated with diet and exercise. The D&E does not screen for disorders or provide dietary guidance, it evaluates and presents baseline grades for problem areas that should be followed up with nutrition and/or fitness consultation. Self-directed learning resources are available on the platform, however, the goal is to contextualize the situation-dependent nature of metabolism, which does not align with one-size-fits-all "diets" or trends. This emphasis, in association with the D&E Characterization, is designed to drive even proactive users to seek expert assistance. All assessments will be custom programmed to reflect existing nutrition and health management resource options available.

The principle goal of the F.U.S.S. module learning series upon the Nourish Portal platform is not so much to educate clients as it is to prime providers with expertise outside of nutrition to understand the importance of an individualized nutrition plan from a credentialed nutrition provider. The material is comprehensive so it is suitable for a proactive and educated audience, however, many healthcare professionals have not been exposed to the basic metabolic dynamics at play outside their realm of expertise. Likewise, portions of the Nourish Sleep learning resources that go beyond the rapid assessment series provide an evidence-based contextual support to the basic message. The message is that traditional communication and delivery of preventative lifestyle services and clinical care each radically undervalue the actual role of sleep physiology. Proactive clients may decide to go deep into the resources on both platforms, but it is more likely that end-users will take a haphazard journey after implementation of the organized assessment-and-education structure. The most important role, therefore, is consistent communication of the very basic themes: sleep is not simply rest; nutrition is not simply dieting; and fitness is not simply a weight loss tactic.

The most important step is the priming step of halting reflexive notions about nutrition, exercise and sleep. This is accomplished, in part, by constant client communications and driving users to the two platforms to engage the assessment process. Consistent communication and messaging about the importance of the integrated triad of sleep, activity and nutrition IS the real delivery of expanded lifestyle management services.

FAQ: — Why wouldn't users just use their trackers and widely available apps?

A: They should. But studies have shown that trackers and apps are not reliable when the information is not contextualized. Without that proper background, these tools simply amplify our existing biases. The whole point of the TriNourish project is to address the reflexive misconceptions about sleep, nutrition and exercise that we carry. It is those seemingly self-evident notions that radically impede our health & performance. With that context, trackers and apps become more valuable.

FAQ: — Are these clinical platforms?

A: No, we collaborate with and seek to readily position clinical sleep expertise into the lifestyle management sector, but neither platform is a clinical platform for two reasons. First, we intentionally position contemporary sleep expertise outside of the clinical sleep sector to expand the reach of responsible, evidence-based strategies beyond the necessarily disciplined confines of sleep disorder identification. We do not treat sleep disorders directly. We establish local connections so that your sleep expertise is available to a broader audience through your customized platform and collaborative relations. On the Nourish Sleep platform, we seek to identify and educate employees and clients about sleep disorders and place them on a path to responsible care. However, critical areas for performance, productivity and risk, including circadian rhythm patterns, and maladaptive beliefs & behaviors about sleep, impact our basic health and performance well before the criteria of clinical disorders have been met. It is important to confront these issues prior to the disordered state if we hope to begin to address the widespread impacts to our basic health, performance, and productivity that these patterns continue to impart to our culture. Second, we understand that a custom tailored education system must keep the end user anonymous to encourage broader self-directed participation in today's digital environment.

FAQ: — How do I collaborate with other experts in the triad?

A: TriNourish platforms are designed to be self-running, including providing information and resources with follow-up for the three lifestyle components of sleep, nutrition and exercise. However, credentialed nutritionists, trainers, coaches, sleep experts, and other lifestyle experts may utilize the TriNourish model to secure robust relations with complementary professionals through a common TriNourish platform node. This is accomplished by customizing your platforms to include local professional collaboration for follow-up. We'll help. The collaboration-fostering capacity of the integrated content is therefore a natural value-added scaffolding to build cross discipline professional networks.       

FAQ: — Are the platforms secure?

The main infrastructure of our core assessment components are hosted by Amazon Web Services with server back-up distributed across multiple sites. They are compliant with security and privacy standards, including Privacy Shield, and are fault-tolerant due to redundancy. Data that is entered into our custom assess-and-educate gateway are encrypted and secured at multiple levels, including transmission and submission. Merchant submissions comply with the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standards (PCI DSS 3.2) and can therefore process credit card information securely.

FAQ: — Do they meet HIPAA compliancy?

A large part of HIPAA compliancy entails an emphasis on policy and procedure protocols. In effect, the weakest link in the security chain is not the technology of collecting and transmitting information, but the handling of that information once it has been received. Because we cannot control strict adherence to safe procedures at the physical site of our clients, and because end users are increasingly uncomfortable with transmitting identifiable information related to their personal health or lifestyle, we have intentionally structured our self-directed learning pathways to keep users anonymous. We believe that model will provide a much greater opportunity for user participation. For fee-based consultation follow-up sessions (for host entities that deploy the option) we encourage HIPAA compliant email correspondence and/or a secure portal.

FAQ: — OK, but what if I want to use it in a clinical environment?

Entities may customize their platforms to identify candidate responses for additional fee-based consultation offerings, however, end-users remain anonymous with the resources that we provide. Patient intake forms may be used as a gateway to the TriNourish platforms and we will work with clinical entities to develop a seamless solution, however TriNourish is a non-clinical entity and does not provide HIPAA compliant platforms to integrate end-user responses with existing medical records or electronic health record platforms. Again, our view is that much greater participation is fostered when participants do not feel like patients and thereby investigate the resources out of a budding interest. Internal and outreach communication initiatives are crucial for developing that interest.

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