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For the fitness sector, we utilize member platforms to tailor the presentation of core fitness services after assessment, and to foster the presentation of integrated services. Members are educated through smart on-boarding assessments. Fitness clubs increasingly seek to bridge the gap between lifestyle resources and clinical pathways. TriNourish serves as a hub to integrate local expertise and to assist you with your outreach effort with a value added campaign.  
Nourish Sleep for Fitness (Video Intro)
The conventional health & wellness model is misguided because it seeks to motivate change by selling into existing biases and allowing participants to define their wellness priorities based on those biases. That strategy merely perpetuates those deeply ingrained, but misguided notions. A common bias is the notion that sleep is necessary for rest & recovery and that rest & recovery are expendable and can be deferred when productivity is on the line. That is patently false, not because rest & recovery should be forced, but because sleep is NOT rest & recovery. Sleep is an active orchestration of necessary processes that must occur, otherwise basic metabolic and mental dysfunctions will arise. Another widespread tacit assumption is that our own level of experienced sleepiness will directly indicate to us whether risks or dysfunctions have begun to manifest from poor sleep. That assumption is dangerously inaccurate.

In the domains of nutrition and exercise, the conventional view is that the nutrition-and-exercise duo consists of two ends of a single caloric energy budget for weight loss. By that common view, nutrition is to reduce calorie consumption and exercise is to increase calorie burning— each side addressed only to weight loss. That assumption, also, is radically inadequate. Nutrition is the flexible metabolic alterations that the body makes under specific conditions with specific nutrients. Those nutrient-use particulars are what DRIVE the weight-maintenance challenges that our culture faces, but they do so in ways that are not always intuitive. On the other side of the dipole, physical activity is not merely a weight loss tactic. It is a crucial output that many physiological processes anticipate, including basic metabolic and mental processes. Exercise is inefficient as strictly a weight loss tactic but it is highly efficient at supporting and maintaining the basic health of metabolic and cognitive processes. In the end, the false dichotomy between diet or exercise— each positioned as merely a weight loss choice— should be abandoned.
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Fitness Facilities

Today's fitness facilities are not simply old-fashioned gyms. They are lifestyle complexes offering a diverse array of traditional and boutique fitness solutions. Forward thinking facilities use their credentialed staff to bridge the gap between a preventative, healthy lifestyle and collaboration with clinical specialists to encourage the responsible introduction of exercise. The fitness industry as a whole has been lobbying to fill that wellness gap for a number of years. Corrective exercise techniques, age-specific expertise, and goal-specific planning are all modern components of that initiative. The TriNourish tandem adds sleep quality, an emphasis on nutrition, and an integrated model to organize the communication of club services. We provide a scaffolding for the transition from one-dimensional wellness initiatives offered independently, to truly integrated services that anticipate each other. Whether the goal is weight loss, fitness performance or health maintenance, it is increasingly clear that not only nutrition, but sleep quality factors inextricably into the web of physiological and psychological processes at play. Moreover, the shifting pattern of our circadian rhythm provides the baseline timing for key hormonal onset that is related not only to our sleep-wake timing, but also to the level of physical and mental performance that we can achieve in the face of scheduled and unscheduled challenges. Our role is to provide a resource and member orientation process that will begin to educate your members how to harness those circadian rhythm dynamics for better health and performance at the same time that we screen them for sleep disorders or maladaptive beliefs and patterns associated with sleep that negatively impact the progress they hope to make at the club. A subset of these sleep disorders and/or maladaptive patterns are much more common to the member base than facility staff members often appreciate. Simply by priming your client base that there is more to the story of fitness and nutrition than they reflexively consider, we assist you in presenting your basic fitness services in an individually tailored fashion. The first step is to halt the immediate reflexes of your client base by introducing and communicating an integrated model.

TriNourish member platforms are customized to your brand and strategic initiatives. They function immediately to educate your clients while presenting your unique club-specific solutions. The best time to do that is during the member on-boarding process. However, consistent internal messaging should also drive existing members to seek individually tailored guidance at the club or through club resources. It is your choice whether to utilize the structure and messaging opportunities afforded by the TriNourish model as a self-running member resource exclusively, or to set up additional fee-based member services for tailored follow-up recommendations. Now is the time. The links between circadian rhythm and basic performance are not going away. Sleep and circadian rhythm are being discussed almost daily in the media as the data continues to pile up. Somebody will begin to capture that massive market opportunity. Why not your facility?


The Nourish Sleep & Nourish Portal platforms have been authored through collaboration between sleep specialists, registered dietitians, exercise physiologists, risk managers and fitness facility operators. The TriNourish System is designed to foster collaboration between sources of expertise. This includes expertise in (1) nutrition and dietary guidance, (2) sleep and circadian rhythm optimization, and (3) corrective exercise and responsible introduction of physical activity to a largely sedentary population. Adding TriNourish to your suite of services increases the range of fee-based consultation services that you may offer and provides a collaboration-fostering scaffolding that you may use to build cross discipline professional networks.

In the facility environment, we provide a self-contained gateway to sleep expertise while the facility utilizes our platform to increase interest in the specialty follow up services that their in-house credentialed staff offers. The entire program seeks to drive increased traffic to that expertise. In addition, we'll connect your facility with clinical sleep and nutrition expertise in your area, or simply work to emphasis the resources that you already have in place. We do not treat sleep disorders directly. We establish local connections so that sleep expertise is available through your customized platform. When you offer the triad, you offer an authentic health & wellness solution.

What's The User Process?

The tailoring process is accomplished (1) through your fitness programming expertise, (2) with a consistent emphasis on good dietary practices that reflect individual goals, and (3) by ensuring that poor sleep or misaligned circadian rhythms do not act as impediments to progress.
Take the informative assessments


Participants will enter a member passcode provided by the host facility. The Nourish Sleep assessment gateway to the educational and optimization material ensures that even casual visitors get screened in the first few minutes of the process. Screening for common sleep disorders is a priority step for sleep optimization. Following a rapid obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) screen, two other conditional screeners are presented to assess for other sleep disorder indicators and poor beliefs and behaviors associated with sleep. Questions will arise based on previous answers to provide a tailored and informative session. Unlike free clinical screeners online, the Nourish Sleep assessment process also evaluates beliefs and behaviors that do not rise to the level of clinical disorders, but radically impact weight management, performance, and safety initiatives. Each session provides a baseline grade for users to improve by following the guidance presented in the session and in the resource library that they have been granted access to following the session. Risk indicators are flagged and sleep disorder candidates are provided information about clinical follow up pathways when warranted. TriNourish does not provide clinical services directly.


The TriNourish Learning platform at nourishportal.com hosts the Diet & Exercise Characterization, which is a qualitative assessment of patterns, beliefs and behaviors associated with diet and exercise. The D&E does not screen for disorders or provide dietary guidance, it evaluates and presents baseline grades for problem areas that should be followed up with either self-directed learning or nutrition and/or fitness consultation provided in house. Self-directed learning resources are available on the platform, however, their goal is to contextualize the situation-dependent nature of metabolism, which does not align with one-size-fits-all "diets" or trends. This emphasis, in association with the D&E Characterization, is designed to drive a segment of the member base to seek expert assistance, and for knowledgable, proactive individuals to discover a wealth of information to harness for better patterns within the context of their individual goals. All assessments will be programmed to reflect existing facility resources.

Step One provides the important step of identifying negative drags on performance & health. Step Two optimizes. However, facilities retain the option of providing full access to educational resources without going through the assessment gateway.

Follow up and investigate further


Sleep screening in Step One identifies and addresses the largest negative drags on sleep quality, which, in turn, affect basic health and performance. Step Two seeks to not simply climb out of the hole, but achieve greater heights. This translates into feeling and performing better. Step Two is accomplished, in large part, by optimizing the synchrony between one's circadian rhythm and one's desired work and productivity schedule. Although basic information about sleep hygiene (sleep preparatory habits), exposure to light, and other 'tips' are being increasingly published, this simple information strategy has little power to effect a change in client behaviors if the lists have not been contextualized, integrated, or addressed specifically to their individual needs. Augmentation devices, smart apps and trackers also require contextualization in order to be more effective.


In addition to the D&E Characterization, the Nourish Portal platform provides an in depth learning module on situational nutrient use dynamics. Along with a macronutrients primer, the Fuel Use Sequential Steps (F.U.S.S.) learning series provides the context for when and how the nutrients we consume are utilized. This is a not an academic exercise. On the user side, it provides context for why one size fits all dietary and exercise approaches— whether proposed for weight loss, fitness, or looks— are radically inadequate. On the host facility side, it demonstrates why a "bridge" approach to the diverse range of specialized services offered by the club should include tailored solutions for a member population that arrives with diverse health issues. The member base of facilities is no longer exclusively proactive and fit individuals. Facilities can harness greater opportunity by expanding their services and communications to a wider range of individuals. The F.U.S.S. learning series is available to proactive members but is primarily a training primer for facility staff to understand how and why the integrated approach that is advocated in the facility requires a tailoring process for fitness, nutrition and general wellness programing. That tailoring process is accomplished (1) through on site fitness programming expertise, (2) with a consistent emphasis on good dietary practices that reflect individual goals, and (3) by ensuring that poor sleep or misaligned circadian rhythms do not act as impediments to progress.

The principle goal of the F.U.S.S. module series upon the Nourish Portal platform is not so much to educate clients as it is to prime providers with expertise outside of nutrition to understand the importance of an individualized nutrition plan from a credentialed nutrition provider. The material is comprehensive so it is suitable for a proactive and educated audience, however, many healthcare professionals have not been exposed to the basic metabolic dynamics at play outside their realm of expertise. Likewise, portions of the Nourish Sleep learning resources that go beyond the rapid assessment series provide an evidence-based contextual support to the basic message. The message is that traditional communication and delivery of preventative lifestyle services and clinical care each radically undervalue the actual role of sleep physiology. Proactive clients may decide to go deep into the resources on both platforms, but it is more likely that end-users will take a haphazard journey after implementation of the organized assessment-and-education structure. The most important role, therefore, is consistent communication of the very basic themes:

Sleep is not simply rest; nutrition is not simply dieting; and fitness is not simply a weight loss tactic.

The most important step is the priming step of halting reflexive notions about nutrition, exercise and sleep. This is accomplished, in part, by constant member communications and driving users to the two platforms to engage the assessment process. Consistent communication and messaging about the importance of the integrated triad of sleep, activity and nutrition IS the real delivery of expanded lifestyle management services.

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