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The Nourish Sleep & Nourish Portal platforms provide businesses a cost effective means to educate their employees through a self paced assessment and education pathway. TriNourish educational platforms integrate sleep and circadian rhythm education to reduce fatigue related risks and increase productivity and performance. End users remain anonymous and this turn key solution provides local wellness resources as part of an integrated approach to wellness.
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The Nourish Sleep platform seeks to bridge the false partition between productivity and safety by fostering increased sleep quality as the route to achieve increased safety and increased productivity sumultaneously
The conventional health & wellness model is misguided because it seeks to motivate change by selling into existing biases and allowing participants to define their wellness priorities based on those biases. That strategy merely perpetuates those deeply ingrained, but misguided notions. A common bias is the notion that sleep is necessary for rest & recovery and that rest & recovery are expendable and can be deferred when productivity is on the line. That is patently false, not because rest & recovery should be forced, but because sleep is NOT rest & recovery. Sleep is an active orchestration of necessary processes that must occur, otherwise basic metabolic and mental dysfunctions will arise. Another widespread tacit assumption is that our own level of experienced sleepiness will directly indicate to us whether risks or dysfunctions have begun to manifest from poor sleep. That assumption is dangerously inaccurate.

In the domains of nutrition and exercise, the conventional view is that the nutrition-and-exercise duo consists of two ends of a single caloric energy budget for weight loss. By that common view, nutrition is to reduce calorie consumption and exercise is to increase calorie burning— each side addressed only to weight loss. That assumption, also, is radically inadequate. Nutrition is the flexible metabolic alterations that the body makes under specific conditions with specific nutrients. Those nutrient-use particulars are what DRIVE the weight-maintenance challenges that our culture faces, but they do so in ways that are not always intuitive. On the other side of the dipole, physical activity is not merely a weight loss tactic. It is a crucial output that many physiological processes anticipate, including basic metabolic and mental processes. Exercise is inefficient as strictly a weight loss tactic but it is highly efficient at supporting and maintaining the basic health of metabolic and cognitive processes. In the end, the false dichotomy between diet or exercise— each positioned as merely a weight loss choice— should be abandoned.
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Sleep, Health & Employee Safety

The TriNourish member platforms are designed to be a turnkey, self-running solution for human resource departments interested in providing additional safety & wellness education for their employees. In particular, fatigue risk management requires a systematic emphasis on common sleep disorders and poor sleep quality. This is increasingly important for the transportation industry, emergency responders, and the nation's shift workers. The Nourish Sleep and Nourish Portal platforms are self directed, but you have the option of training your staff on the information pathways or adding your existing wellness resources or providers as tailored recommendations for your employees. If you don't have an integrated model in place, we'll help you out by setting up a local triad of resources near you (sleep, nutrition & responsible fitness expertise).

Studies confirm that the traditional notion that sleep is only rest & recovery that can be compromised in the service of increased productivity, has been proven false based on a deeper understanding of the basic physiology of sleep. Moreover, our cultural devaluation of sleep is even greater in the workplace culture of specific industries, often the very ones that require adequate sleep planning for safety and response. The Nourish Sleep platform addresses widespread myths about sleep and presents actionable steps that employers and employees can take to reduce risks related to sleepiness. The data reveals that these steps can be systematized around a process of screening and optimizing work schedules. Circadian rhythm lulls can be predicted, so techniques are readily available for management. Moreover, studies reveal that the impacts from common sleep patterns are more severe than is understood, and that the very persons who assess their own capacity to perform adequately with less sleep than recommended are the very individuals with the highest degree of unaware intrusions of micro sleep episodes, along with significant lapses of attention. These translate into zones of increased risk.

Yes, there's a science to good sleep too, and we present a turnkey means for employers to encourage better sleep practices. The initial step is to make employees aware that there is a potential problem in the first place, and then to consistently work to hesitate the reflexive notion that one's sleep can readily be evaluated simply by considering one's sleepiness. After that initial step, the platform is available to rapidly screen sleep and provide follow up recommendations and resources according to your customized resources and location.

Finally, no serious risk management platform should isolate sleep from the other lifestyle domains that it is fundamentally integrated with physiologically. Nutrition and physical activity are not lifestyle choices, they are basic requirements, along with sleep, for adequate functioning. We integrate our self-guided sleep optimization and screening program with additional nutrition and fitness resources. That is what makes TriNourish stand apart.

What's The User Process?

rapid and tailored screening

Participants will enter an employee benefits password provided by the host business or entity. The Nourish Sleep assessment gateway to the educational and optimization material ensures that even casual visitors get screened in the first few minutes of the process. Screening for common sleep disorders is a priority step for sleep optimization. Following a rapid obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) screen, two other conditional screeners are presented to assess for other sleep disorder indicators and poor beliefs and behaviors associated with sleep. Questions will arise based on previous answers to provide a tailored and informative session. Unlike free clinical screeners online, the Nourish Sleep assessment process also evaluates beliefs and behaviors that do not rise to the level of clinical disorders, but radically impact weight management, performance and safety initiatives. Each session provides a baseline grade for users to improve upon by following the guidance presented in the session and in the resource library that they have been granted access to following the session. Risk indicators are flagged and sleep disorder candidates are provided information about clinical follow up pathways when warranted. TriNourish does not provide clinical services directly.

Even if end users do no more than go through the screening process, the first priority to sleep optimization will have been accomplished. Employers should engage in robust communications to drive employee interest in their customized platforms and educate them about the real dangers associated with sleepiness. Sleep is under valued.

Communications must be consistent and constant. We can help you find your message.

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