Tri-nourish Introduction

a systematic prioritizing process

The Tri-Nourish System


The Tri-Nourish System is a highly formalized integration methodology that is designed to tailor integrated sleep, nutrition and fitness programming to address the unique demands and goals of unique individuals. It is thus a tailoring program that organizes subsequent lifestyle consultations in sleep, nutrition and fitness by means of follow-up contextualization, reporting, program recommendations, and client learning resources. The Tri-Nourish "baseline" becomes the organizing foundation to build an integrated approach to health management and performance.

We utilize a proprietary assessment platform that is designed to present questions based on the previous answers of participants. In the crucial (and often neglected) sleep domain, our comprehensive sleep questionnaires dynamically fuse a compilation of clinical sleep disorder screening indicators in a manner that also takes into consideration questions from other domains, or from unhealthy beliefs and behaviors that are associated with sleep patterns when conditions are difficult to tease apart. Our comprehensive assessment system is unique precisely because it not only seeks to discover indicators associated with common disorders, it also highlights less common disorders as well as very common (but maladaptive) behavioral patterns associated with sleep that radically impact health and performance prior to the sleep-disorder state. The Tri-Nourish System is a non-clinical service, however, the methodological prioritizing aspect of the process was derived from clinical applications and anticipates a clinical diagnostic solution set when warranted, through robust collaborative relations and non-binding, independent referral suggestions. By virtue of its pre-pathological inclusion of beliefs, behaviors, motivations and value determinations related to sleep, nothing like this comprehensive assessment phase exists even in the normal clinical pathways for addressing common sleep issues, and certainly not in fitness facilities or wellness programs.

On the nutrition and activity front, our system characterizes the motivations, goals, existing patterns and component problem areas in the nutrition and exercise domains. For example, in the nutrition leg (much like sleep), our comprehensive assessment process generates a baseline score that is designed to be improved upon following guided nutrition counseling with one of our credentialed nutrition partners. Dietary component scores in subcategories such as glycemic-load, portion-control and long-term dietary patterns provide useful categories to help characterize the client beliefs and practices that a credentialed nutritionist will address with a custom tailored day-to-day plan. More importantly, we disclose sleep behaviors that will negatively impact nutrition guidance, planning and effectiveness.This is particularly important in both the context of weight-management (responsible weight loss), and dietary fueling for the serious fitness enthusiast or athlete.

For the clients and members of fitness facilities, athletic programs, and integrated practitioners, we provide a similar baseline score, characterization, and educational resource library. We disclose sleep behaviors that negatively impact fitness planning and effectiveness, including the impacts of specific training and sleep times on fuel-use and body composition, performance intensity, peak performance, peak dexterity, peak mental alertness and weight management relative to the individual's existing sleep, diet and training patterns. Because the individual timing window for each component is aligned with the individual's overall circadian rhythm and sleep patterns, each of these component peaks and impacts may arise at different times for different individuals. The goal(s) of fitness training must therefore be clearly defined through Tri-Nourish motivation questionnaires prior to determining the best circadian rhythm "anchoring" time. For non-athletes, the goal is to align that anchor with the daily productivity patterns of the individual.

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Scope of services

Although Tri-Nourish is a non-clinical entity, The Tri-Nourish System does not operate outside of a responsible care pathway. Tri-Nourish screening does not constitute confirmation of a sleep disorder or lack thereof. Only a face-to-face clinical evaluation with a clinician or board certified sleep physician can affirm the necessity for further diagnostics or treatment. Our role is to educate you and provide you a rigorous, but highly tailored and comprehensive understanding of your specific sleep quality. Although we work collaboratively with a diverse array of clinical and educational resources to fulfill that mission through independent referral suggestions, Tri-Nourish Inc., The Tri-Nourish System, and Nourish Sleep constitute non-clinical services. Our goal is to assist your sleep quality in a pre-pathological (preventative) approach that takes into consideration domains that impact health and wellbeing before they transition into common sleep, mental or physiological disorders. Poor sleep quality radically impacts productivity, performance, health, emotional resilience, and safety— well before the sleep disorder threshold has been breached.