a systematic prioritizing process

"Ours is a prioritizing system. Not every sleep hygiene tip, sleep supplement, light therapy protocol, or proclaimed 'optimal time' for exercise meets the criteria of inclusion into a solution set for every individual— particularly those individuals that exhibit one of many common sleep disorders or maladaptive sleep preparation behaviors that we assess for."


Tandem Step

The first step in implementing The Tri-Nourish System is to:


Use the worksheet from the link below to determine whether Tri-Nourish expertise make sense as (a) a value-added differentiator for your existing services, (b) an independent fee-for-service core offering, (c) a mandatory or highly recommended assessment pathway that is covered by other established fees,(d) a unique combination of any of the above value structures in the context of your unique structure.   

A robust collaborative dialogue with Tri-Nourish is thus presupposed during the evaluation of potential value models. Much as Tri-Nourish individually tailors integrated lifestyle optimization for end-users, so also the goal of a collaborative dialogue with Tri-Nourish is to custom tailor a specific set of branding, communication, and additional services on behalf of the collaborating entity. In effect, for each collaborating entity, The Tri-Nourish System will be subsumed under the branding initiatives of the host entity (as one of its principle services). When appropriate, the host nutrition or fitness services are programmed into the tailored follow up recommendations that The Tri-Nourish System outputs within that host environment (for example, a fitness facility).

The Tri-Nourish System is a robust baseline assessment and education system that anticipates professional follow-up in the domains of sleep, nutrition and exercise. We seek to work with professionals capable of implementing authentic expertise via their existing program structures. We round out, expand, and organize a highly tailored set of matches for each individual end-user on behalf of the host facility. We provide the specific expertise for the sleep domain, and we incorporate and highlight select nutrition and fitness services as warranted.

An important preliminary step is to:


Even though our system is administered by a fully credentialed Tri-Nourish Practitioner (remotely or on site), it is helpful to consider The Tri-Nourish System methodology as an input-output machine that competently administers an “onboarding” processing function and delivers an end-user that is primed and eager to engage in a specific set of health and lifestyle solutions— the very solutions that your practice, facility, or program offers as its principle services.

The input to the machine is a client, member, patient, or employee that has undergone a thorough assessment of (a) overall sleep quality alone or (b) overall sleep quality in tandem with a diet and exercise characterization. Both scenarios generate a set of custom tailored recommendations for appropriate follow-up. The difference is that follow-up may be either addressed exclusively to the domain of sleep, or embedded in an integrated model to address sleep, nutrition and fitness as a cohesive unit.

To assist your efforts at determining the best potential use for Tri-Nourish expertise, please download the WORKSHEET from the button below. The worksheet will walk you through an evaluation of possible implementation models for your program, facility or training services.
A vital step for implementing The Tri-Nourish System is to:


By communicating the importance of sleep to potential Tri-Nourish program clients, a receptive environment is created. That ‘environment’ can be a fitness facility with a member base (a gym), a clinical practitioner with a patient pool (physician’s office or network), a dietitian with a client base (self-employed), or an athletic director with an established program (institutional athletics).

The important point is that no implementation strategy will be successfull without a vigorous and ongoing communication strategy that consistently educates the target audience.
The specific manner of marketing and communications will vary with the environment, the target audience, the payment structure, and the budget. Marketing will be implemented on an individual basis after the formal initiation of a collaborative dialogue with Tri-Nourish. Tri-Nourish will offer assistance.

Nourish Sleep is the sleep component core of The Tri-Nourish System methodology. It comprises a self-contained sleep optimization program that may be branded independently for those facilities or programs that do not require a fully integrated Tri-Nourish lifestyle program.

As indicated in the Introduction page, It is precisely our prioritizing schema that differentiates Tri-Nourish's Nourish Sleep component from a superficial “everything but the kitchen sink” sleep optimization strategy. Ours is a prioritizing system. Not every sleep hygiene tip, sleep supplement, light therapy protocol, or proclaimed “optimal time” for exercise meets the criteria for inclusion into a solution set for every individual— particularly those individuals that exhibit one of many common sleep disorders or maladaptive sleep preparation behaviors that we assess for.

In short, a high quality differentiation must characterize different solution pathways for different individuals. 

Although Tri-Nourish is a non-clinical service, the assessment strategy is derived from clinical sleep diagnostics and robust collaborative relations have been established with independent clinical services.  Sleep disorder screening, therefore, mandates a priority solutions pathway that is independent of Tri-Nourish service offerings. Patterns and beliefs that severely impact sleep quality are next on the hierarchy. A mistimed or non-optimized circadian rhythym constitutes one of the most common impacts on basic sleep quality (though not quite pathological in the form of a phase shifted circadian rhythm sleep disorder). This requires a thorough understanding of the client’s daily and nightly routines, including dietary and exercise habits. Finally, ubiquitous “sleep hygiene” tips are only effective when properly embedded within a specific circadian rhythm context that must be assessed.

To offer intelligent, integrated services, send us an implementation request. We sincerely look forward to working with you!