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HOW? Your facility, institution or business pays for a one time only setup fee. After that, there are only hosting fees for the secure, self guided platforms. We'll customize or even private label a version of the lifestyle benefits tandem to your brand & identity, and we'll assist you with messaging and marketing materials. The Nourish Sleep and TriNourish Learning platforms are self directed, but you have the option of training your staff on the information pathways and content so that you may offer an integrated lifestyle solution for a fee. Setup charges and monthly fees are based on the number of employees or members that you grant platform benefits to.

Who Benefits?

Providing member benefits pays for itself in multiple ways. The gains from increased productivity, health & safety address the rising costs of poor health and safety risks. The Nourish Sleep platform provides one obvious gateway to benefit your business. But If your business is to support fitness or lifestyle resources for proactive individuals, the TriNourish Learning platform provides another gateway. Yet there remains a vast number of individuals that fall somewhere between being set in their ways and being proactive. For those individuals, new points of entry need to open up through a process that presents tailored resources while encouraging a budding interest in other lifestyle aspects that were previously considered to be self-evident. Changed awareness leads to changed behavior in a dose-dependent manner. The trick is to find a way to increase the dose. That is the role of the Nourish Sleep & TriNourish Learning self guided tandem.

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