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If you would like to receive your Instant Quote for your business, facility or program, please select the Business link. If you are an Individual (Non Member) seeking to purchase individual access, please select Individual.
End users remain anonymous through the assessment and self directed education process. Access to resources is unlimited for both account types, however, abnormally high usage by single (Individual) accounts will result in termination or access limitations to the account if it is not a business account. Business quotes are designed for custom branded platforms but can be revised downward when customized member platforms are not required for your business.
The Business quote will present two quotes, one for monthly hosting fees and a second for a one time set up fee. Quotes presuppose the need for isolated, secure platforms that have been customized for your business. Fees may be reduced relative to the Instant Quote when set up and hosting requirements are reduced through limited customization of member platforms. Most businesses prefer some degree of customization to the member platforms. After receiving your Instant Quote, you may contact us with specific inquires at

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Facilities, institutions or program providers interested in being considered for a Provider Listing or recommended resources (nutrition, fitness and/or sleep expertise), don't forget to APPLY HERE following your Quote. In addition, business entities may also showcase their commitment to employee health, safety & performance with a Business Listing. APPLY HERE for a business listing following your Instant Quote above.

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