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Nourish Sleep is a self guided sleep optimization platform from TriNourish. The program utilizes an assess-and-educate strategy to screen participants for sleep disorders and educate them simultaneously. The intelligent system queries for a set of well established sleep disorder indicators in a gender specific and goal specific manner. The platform does not stop at screening for common sleep disorders and providing sleep optimization education, it identifies beliefs & behaviors that are associated with adverse outcomes yet do not rise to the level of a clinical sleep disorder. More importantly, we build off that sleep quality foundation by enacting an integrated approach to sleep, nutrition and fitness on the Nourish Portal site. Nourish Portal hosts our TriNourish Learning member platform to integrate nutrition, exercise and sleep education resources. Both platforms are non-clinical platforms where end-users remain anonymous and tailor their own education pathways, with guided options. Get The TriNourish Tandem.
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Turn key Sleep Optimization

The cornerstone of TriNourish is the Nourish Sleep self-directed sleep education program. Sleep is the foundation of performance & fatigue risk management.

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Harnessing circadian rhythm peaks and optimizing sleep quality translate into a set of performance-enhancement strategies for competitive athletes. The TriNourish Learning platform integrates sleep, nutrition & exercise physiology. Stay on the cutting edge with TriNourish.

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Fatigue risk management is largely the inverse of athletic performance. It requires managing the dips & troughs in our circadian rhythm that can lead to reduced vigilance and micro sleep intrusions. Yes, there's a science for that too, and it involves systematically screening and educating your employees.

The frequency of workplace and automobile accidents largely aligns with the lulls, lapses and gaps in our vigilance that can be predicted based on our individual circadian rhythm patterns and other sleep-related risks that can be identified in advance. Common sleep disorders such as OSA and insomnia increase the risks for work-related and automobile accidents, but so does poor sleep planning, extended work periods and shift work. The link between poor sleep quality and increased risk is no longer seriously doubted— except by a portion of those who engage in the poorest sleep quality themselves.

Baseline Grade Scores & Follow Up

Our intelligent Assess-and-Educate process generates baseline scores for the key domains of sleep, activity and diet. After follow-up recommendations, participants are encouraged to go through the process again to determine if they have passed critical thresholds in the lifestyle domains of sleep, nutrition & exercise.

Learning At Leisure

The twin platforms of Nourish Sleep & TriNourish Learning are designed to allow participants to choose how deeply they want to delve into the follow-up resources, however, the assessment process provides awareness and improvement on its own. Pathways are customized for individualized lifestyle optimization & learning.

Fuel Use Sequential Steps (F.U.S.S.)

There are a number of ways that poor sleep impacts diet & exercise initiatives. A common shortcoming of "diet only" strategies for health management is that they do not address the integrated physiology of the basic triad. Our system provides additional learning resources on nutrient-use dynamics.

$400 Billion

Cost of Poor Sleep Quality

$150 Billion

The Cost from OSA Alone

$100 Billion

Savings From OSA Treatment

$? Trillion

The True Cost Of Poor Sleep

$250 Billion

The Cost of Diabetes

$190 Billion

The Cost of Obesity

>160 Million

Overweight or Obese in U.S.

>125 Million

With Preventable Diseases

These massive numbers are driven by a basic misunderstanding of the physiological role of sleep, nutrition and exercise. From the body's perspective sleep is not rest, nutrition is not dieting, and physical activity is not a weight loss tactic.
A meta-analysis has recently concluded that approximately 13% of all workplace accidents could be attributed to sleep problems. Disciplined estimates project that individuals who plan for less than 7 hours of sleep collectively cost the nation at least $411 billion per year. Approximately $150 billion or more can be assigned to untreated obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) alone. Even conservative projections demonstrate that at least $3500 in lost productivity per year is the cost for each of the growing number of employees that have significant sleep issues. These figures radically underestimate the cost that would be revealed if the physiological connections that drive obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, psychiatric disorders, dementia, and cancer from sleep disorder and poor sleep mechanisms were included.
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Manage Risk, Increase Productivity

Fatigue Risk Management can increase the productivity of first responders and situation responders while reducing the likelihood of risk for ALL employees. The strategy requires (1) notification of sleep-disorder risk factors, (2) optimizing circadian rhythm, and (3) anchoring optimal rhythms in place with good sleep preparatory practices. We assist all three. It doesn't hurt that we simultaneously address diet & exercise. That's our core mission.


Health Managment

Overall health management is not merely weight management. We know the difference. Nor are diet, activity, and sleep three choices to select from. They are part of a fundamentally integrated web of physiology. Sleep provides one anchor for this web. Unless each aspect is addressed together, individual lifestyle practices will fall short. TriNourish Learning addresses the triad.

Instantly Add To Your Expertise

HOW? Your facility, institution or business pays for a one time only setup fee. After that, there are only hosting fees for the secure, self guided platforms. We'll customize or even private label a version of the lifestyle benefits tandem to your brand & identity, and we'll assist you with messaging and marketing materials. The Nourish Sleep and TriNourish Learning platforms are self directed, but you have the option of training your staff on the information pathways and content so that you may offer an integrated lifestyle solution for a fee. Setup charges and monthly fees are based on the number of employees or members that you grant platform benefits to. Start with an Instant Quote below. If you need more information, see FAQs and visit the member platforms directly. Marketing samples are available for review.

Who Benefits?

Providing member benefits pays for itself in multiple ways. The gains from increased productivity, health & safety address the rising costs of poor health and safety risks. The Nourish Sleep platform provides one obvious gateway to benefit your business. But If your business is to support fitness or lifestyle resources for proactive individuals, the TriNourish Learning platform provides another gateway. Yet there remains a vast number of individuals that fall somewhere between being set in their ways and being proactive. For those individuals, new points of entry need to open up through a process that presents tailored resources while encouraging a new interest to bud in lifestyle aspects that were previously considered to be self-evident. Changed awareness leads to changed behavior in a dose-dependent manner. The trick is to find a way to increase the dose. That is the role of the Nourish Sleep & TriNourish Learning self guided tandem. See FAQs above.

Sleep is less like a preprogrammed algorithm than it is like a master gardener tending to the proliferation of those qualities that we consider to be wholly and uniquely ours. During sleep, great masses of branching growth and vigor are selected and strengthened on a nightly basis, much of it corresponding to our current learning, training, experiences, and values.

Charles Carver, RPSGT, PES

Nourish Sleep Content Contributor

A balanced diet and exercise are of vital importance, yes. But we now see sleep as the preeminent force in this health trinity."

Matthew Walker, PhD, from:

Why We Sleep

Our goal is to increase evidence-based knowledge and translate awareness into practice well before adverse safety, psychiatric, and medical outcomes deteriorate. With our dual platform, performance increases while risks decrease.

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