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One-on-one consultation pricing for an Individualized Sleep Optimization Plan (ISOP) and other Integrated Lifestyle options are outlined in the tabs below. The self-paced Tailored Sleep Education Program (TSEP) is a free member benefit for participating entities. If you would like to purchase the TSEP self-paced option, please fill out the Client Intake Form and we will provide an inexpensive quote.

Note: If you are receiving ISOP or TSEP member benefits as part of a health resource or corporate wellness program, simply fill out the Client Intake Form (blue button) and we will provide you with your FREE access code to the tailored education pathways.

A. tailored sleep education program (TSEP)

Nourish Sleep self-paced tailored sleep education and implementation resources are driven by our Comprehensive Sleep Assessment. The comprehensive assessment drives a customizing and prioritizing methodology for the presentation of highly relevant information. Our TSEP option is cost-effective for proactive individuals that appreciate and utilize extra learning resources on their own, or in tandem with a coach, instructor, practitioner or trainer. The resources are designed to contextualize your assessment report card. If you do not receive this TSEP option as a member benefit, fill out the Client Intake Form below for an inexpensive quote.

B. Individualized sleep optimization plans (ISOPS)

  • $99Comprehensive Sleep Assessment with Tailored Recommendations. This sleep assessment system employs a prioritizing process to compile multiple assessment domains together to set the stage for individualized sleep quality optimization. Domains include sleep disorder screening, behavioral impacts assessment, circadian rhythm misalignment and sleep value deficiencies to set the foundation for all of the integrated recommendations and resources that are structured from this very important foundation. All other sleep optimization and integrated lifestyle initiatives build off of this crucial stage. Assessment results are quantified into a baseline report card for each domain so that scores may be re-evaluated following counseling.
  • $50Nourish Sleep Consultation Follow-Up. The Comprehensive Sleep Assessment generates the information required to customize a set of recommendations and resources that are highly tailored to each individual assessment participant. Nonetheless, information does not float untethered and without a context. That context is YOU —  your individual goals and aspirations. Context matters! The Nourish Sleep follow-up is designed to educate you on all of the sleep domains that your assessment explores. Recommendations and resources will be explained and prioritized so that you can immediately structure your own sleep optimization program. You choose between a one-on-one consultation in person (in select locations) or a remote session with a Tri-Nourish expert.
  • To begin the process simply fill out the Client Intake Form available from the link below. We will send you instructions for payment and provide an access code to the Comprehensive Sleep Assessment system. After you complete the online assessments, we will customize a set of solutions for you to optimize your sleep quality and increase your overall health. You will have multiple opportunities to investigate tailored resources and referral suggestions, as well as sleep, nutrition and fitness programs that will become available to you based upon your individual entries throughout the assessment process.
  • $149 — The Tri-Nourish Baseline Assessment. This assessment, also known as the Tri-Fold Baseline, is comprised of the Comprehensive Sleep Assessment component of the Nourish Sleep consultation series in tandem with a Diet & Exercise Characterization that anticipates follow-up with a dietitian and/or fitness instructor. Once again the comprehensive assessment process is a prioritizing journey of discovery that is designed to enable participants to structure their own integrated lifestyle initiatives following contextualization. The baseline provides a firm quantitative foundation for all domains. Baseline scores will improve upon re-evaluation following sleep, nutrition and fitness counseling sessions or self-guided initiatives based on the custom tailored learning resources.
  • $50 — The Tri-Nourish Follow-Up Consultation. The follow-up consultation provides an informative session review of all reporting, recommendations, and resources that have been structured by the comprehensive assessment system. Custom tailored solution sets and educational resources are generated in the assessment process. These require contextualization and an initial guidance session. Additional sleep optimization, nutrition planning and/or fitness training opportunities are presented according to the individual needs and requests of the client.
  • Start your journey now by selecting the Client Intake Form link below. After you submit the form, we'll take it from there and send you instructions for payment and access to the first step in the comprehensive assessment pathway.
  • $300 — Sleep & Nutrition Design Package. This package begins with the Tri-Nourish Baseline Assessment & Follow Up (a $200 value) and adds a second Nutrition Design consultation with a registered dietitian. The package has been integrated to provide additional assessment and recording diaries for both the sleep and nutrition component. Sleep optimization is tailored toward client dietary goals including weight-management, health management or fitness performance.
  • $300 — Tailor Me Fit Package. This package also begins with the Tri-Nourish Baseline Assessment & Follow Up but adds a corrective exercise, or performance enhancement fitness assessment to the Tri-Fold. Depending upon your age, goals and interest, Tailor-Me-Fit may be utilized to set up a firm foundation for active aging or athletic performance. Sleep optimization and circadian rhythm alignment are prioritized for an active lifestyle or peak performance.
  • $600 — Tri-Fold Gold Package. This package combines the two packages above, but adds four additional fitness training sessions. In sum: one Tri-Fold baseline assessment with a sleep optimization follow up, one registered dietitian consultation, one fitness assessment, PLUS four fitness training sessions.
Integrated fitness programming is also available from select fitness facilities to provide a wider selection of fitness plans and/or specialty programs. What they all have in common under The Tri-Nourish System structuring methodology is the capacity for natural sleep processes to marshal the central role of sleep and circadian rhythm dynamics for serious metabolic, health and performance initiatives.
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