Tri Nourish System

The Tri Nourish System is a wellness strategy with a set of tools designed to integrate a comprehensive sleep education system with evidence-based diet and exercise strategies.

Tri Nourish Implementation:

A Comprehensive Sleep Education and Lifestyle Characterization Program Structure for Health Clubs & Facilities

A Reservoir of Resources with In-Depth & Tailored Education for Long-Term Custom Planning

Tri-Nourish has partnered with InnerTrition to develop The Nourish Portal. Click graphic to transfer.

Tri Nourish Method

The Tri Nourish Methodology utilizes a proprietary smart assessment system in tandem with educational modules to deploy highly individualized consulation and education.

The Tri Nourish Methodology Includes:

Assessment and Education of Multiple Domains of Sleep, Including Disorders, Beliefs & Behaviors

Diet, Nutrition & Sleep Learning Resources, Including Professional Modules & Training

A Nutrient Use Learning Module To Understand The Sequential Steps of Fuel-Use In The Body

The Insomnia Clinic

Tri-Nourish also offers a sleep-specific platform for the increasing numbers in our culture that suffer from insomnia. A self-paced online cognitive behavioral program is available.

The Insomnia Clinic platform:

Informative Context; Gateway To Sleep Assessments, Education, Self-Paced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Access to Comprehensive Sleep Assessments, Education, and CBTi Program for Insomnia

The Insomnia Clinic is A Sleep-Specific Routing Platform Embedded in An Integrated Wellness Strategy

Tailored Sleep, Nutrition & Exercise

An Active Lifestyle
Is NOT a weight-loss plan
Better Sleep Quality
a comprehensive approach